Japan-Best is a collective of Japanese brands that Hoghan have created.

Each time we were travelling to Japan, we were always finding such nice brands who didn’t know how to expand their business outside Japan.

For them, Japan-Best acts as a distribution and communication platform :

  • we sell their products to worldwide famous department stores, fashion-stores, concept-stores and e-commerce platforms
  • we create events to make each brand more famous
  • we find partners who share the same passion for beautifuly made Japanese products


the Japan-Best magazine

« Bows&Arrows » is the magazine that we are now publishing once a year in order to promote our Japan-Best brands.

Purpose of Bows & Arrow is to explain the nice stories and craftsmanship behind each object that we sell.

Bows & Arrows logo has a nice symbol : an arrow in the center of a target.

The arrow is the symbol of Japanese craftsmanship’s perfection.

Each craftsman, often perfecting the same object during all his life, achieves the ultimate perfection : always right in the center of the target, never missing anymore.

Craftsmen become masters who will transmit their skills to the new generation.

You want to buy « Bows & Arrows » and/or sel lit in your store, please ask us.