Time & Style

Japanese simplicity and elegance

TIME & STYLE creates products with highly original design and superior quality in pursuit of an aesthetic of living on the basis of aesthetic consciousness unique to Japan, which is simplicity, harmony, and silence without unnecessary decorations.

In a simple design, it holds a sharp sense of tension, displaying a crystallization of sophisticated skills of Japanese artisans found in its dainty and detailed finish.

The furniture manufactured at our own factory in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, and subcontract factories across Japan are carefully made one by one with a focus on the design while keeping a balance of efficiencies using the manual work of experienced artisans and the most recent machine work.

TIME & STYLE aims to constitute various types of elements indispensable in our daily lives, such as furniture, tools, tableware, and fabrics, in a comprehensive manner from our unique perspectives, aiming to express the possibilities of creating affluent lifestyle generated respectively from an organic relationship.